Modular 6-Way Valve

Heating and Cooling Control with One Valve

The Siral modular 6-way valve is a solution with two equal percentage characterized flow sequences (heating and cooling) with different Cv values that enable modulating control of each sequence individually with a single valve.

Fewer Components

The mod-6 solution replaces the need for a change over valve for a single coil in a 4 pipe system.

Reduced Installation Cost and Time

With the mod-6 a single coil can be used for heating and cooling. Also only one actuator is needed for both sequences. This reduces piping, wiring and material costs.

Two Seasons, One Valve

  • 2 sequences with different Cv values for heating and cooling
  • Bubble tight zero leakage
  • Equal percentage

Mod-6 vs other 6-way Valves

  1. The Mod-6 has the largest and highest range of Cv options in the industry.
  2. The Mod-6 is the only 6-way valve to offer an Equal percentage flow characteristic.
  3. The Mod-6's lower profile design allows for unique tight installation opportunities.

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