CVW 3-way 1/2" - 2"

Filter submittals by desired Flow


Characterized, Stainless Steel Ball and Stem

1/2", 3-way, Female NPT

DN 15
Size (inches) 1/2"
Cv 0.3
Media   Water, Glycole 60%
Temperature Range 0°F to 250°F [-18°C to 120°C]
Pressure Body 600 psi
Close Off 200 PSI
Differential 50 PSI
Max Inlet N/A
Leakage A-AB Port 0%
B Port 0%
Materials Body Brass, nickel plated
Ball Stainless steel
Stem Stainless steel
Seats PTFE
Characterising Disc Brass Characterized
O-ring EPDM
Flow Characteristic A to AB Equal Percentage
B to AB Modified 75% of (A to AB)
Flow Pattern Mixing Yes
Diverting Yes

Common Applications

The Control Valve Water (CVW) is a characterized control valve and is ideal for use in fan coils, unit ventilators, heating and cooling coils and VAV re-heat coils. The CVW's equal percentage flow characteristic creates a linear heat output which helps in the control of heating and cooling coils. The CVW is available in both fail-safe and non fail-safe applications.


The Siral CVW is an electronically actuated characterized control ball valve. Control signal options include on/off, floating point or modulating (proportional) and are used to determine the final positioning of the ball rotataion angle which determines the amount of flow through the valve.


35 mm 35 mm 72.5 mm 39 in 22.5 in
1.38 in 1.38 in 2.85 in 1.53 in 0.89 in

Flow Pattern

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